Kunci Jawaban MLBB Quiz

Berikut beberapa pertanyaan dan jawaban yang ada di MLBB Quiz event 1 March s/d 15 March 2018.


  1. Perlu diperhatikan bahwa jawaban bisa berada di pilihan yang berbeda. Contoh untuk nomor 1, di beberapa kasus, jawaban “Keep fighting on” bisa berada di pilihan A, B, C maupun D.
  2. Jawaban yang benar adalah yang bercetak tebal dan berwarna hijau.
  3. Informasi yang terdapat dalam situs http://mobilelegendsbangbang.com/items/ tidak 100% update.


  1. What should you do if you’re at a disadvantage in a game?
    • (A) Feed
    • (B) Go AFK
    • (C) Pray an opponent drops out.
    • (D) Keep fighting on. ✓
  2. How often can you get a free Lucky Spin?
    • (A) Every 12 hours.
    • (B) Every 24 hours.
    • (C) Every 48 hours. ✓
    • (D) Every 72 hours.
  3. How do you get Saber’s Codename – Storm Skin?
    • (A) Lucky Spins
    • (B) You can buy it in the shop.
    • (C) You can get it as a log-in gift.
    • (D) You can get it from the Magic Wheel. ✓
  4. Which of the following equipment has the highest magic defense?
  5. How many hero roles are there?
    • (A) 3
    • (B) 4
    • (C) 5
    • (D) 6 ✓ (Marksman, Fighter, Tank, Support, Mage, Assasin)
  6. Which of the following heroes cannot restore health to allies?
    • (A) Diggie ✓
    • (B) Estes
    • (C) Minotaur
    • (D) Rafaela
  7. If you lose a game by not playing carefully enough, what should you do?
    • (A) Throw your phone.
    • (B) Abuse your teammates.
    • (C) Forget about it and play recklessly in the next game, too.
    • (D) Summarize the experience and analyze the reason. ✓
  8. Which of the following heroes does not have a displacement skill?
    • (A) Karrie
    • (B) Layla ✓
    • (C) Moskov
    • (D) Yi Sun-shin
  9. On which day of the week do weekly free heroes reset?
    • (A) Friday ✓
    • (B) Saturday
    • (C) Sunday
    • (D) Monday
  10. What’s the minimum number of heroes you need to play Ranked Mode?
    • (A) 4
    • (B) 5 ✓
    • (C) 6
    • (D) 7
  11. You need to have at least how many heroes to compete in ranked games?
    • (A) 3
    • (B) 4
    • (C) 5 ✓
    • (D) 6
  12. What is Nana’s true identity?
    • (A) Mother of Dragons
    • (B) A human girl.
    • (C) A catlike raccoon.
    • (D) A raccoon spirit. ✓
  13. What should you do if you find yourself losing game after game?
    • (A) Cry, weep, and sob.
    • (B) Jump up and dance, and pray for victory!
    • (C) Go to Facebook and complain about your teammates.
    • (D) Watch live broadcasts of professional players and learn new techniques. ✓
  14. Which of the following is not a benefit of spectating Arena Contests?
    • (A) Learn skills from the contestants.
    • (B) Receive Arena Chests.
    • (C) Increase your height. ✓
  15. Which of the following websites is the official website of the game?
    • (A) www.mobile.com/
    • (B) www.legends.com/
    • (C) www.bangbang.com/
    • (D) www.mobilelegends.com/ ✓
  16. Which of the following equipment is for spell power?
  17. Which of the following methods can’t be used to acquire heroes in the game?
    • (A) Battle Points
    • (B) Diamonds
    • (C) Skin Fragments ✓
    • (D) Ticket
  18. What’s the maximum number of players a Squad can hold?
    • (A) 7 Players
    • (B) 8 Players
    • (C) 9 Players ✓
    • (D) 10 Players
  19. How should you deal with Argus’s ultimate skill?
    • (A) Do nothing.
    • (B) Keep fighting him.
    • (C) Recall to your base.
    • (D) Move away from him, wait for his ultimate to end, and then attack him. ✓
  20. What should you do if a teammate makes a mistake in the game?
    • (A) Call the police.
    • (B) Ask them why they suck.
    • (C) Encourage your teammates to compete seriously. ✓
  21. At what level can you start playing ranked games?
    • (A) Level 7
    • (B) Level 8 ✓ (You should have 5 heroes as well.)
    • (C) Level 9
    • (D) Level 10
  22. At what level can you gift skins to friends?
    • (A) Level 15
    • (B) Level 20 ✓
    • (C) Level 25
    • (D) Level 30
  23. Where did Harley, the excellent young mage apprentice, graduate from?
    • (A) Clarendon Academy
    • (B) Gryffindor
    • (C) Hogwarts
    • (D) Lion Academy of Magical City ✓
  24. When the enemy team has more control heroes than your team, which hero should you use?
    • (A) Diggie ✓
    • (B) Estes
    • (C) Lolita
    • (D) Rafaela
  25. If you want to learn about a new hero, which of the following is not recommended?
    • (A) Watch Live Streams of the Hero
    • (B) Practice in AI Training Mode
    • (C) Read the Hero’s Strategy Guide
    • (D) Use the Hero in Ranked Games ✓
  26. How should you deal with AFK teammates?
    • (A) Go AFK with them.
    • (B) Insult them.
    • (C) Delete the game.
    • (D) Report them on the post-game screen. ✓
  27. Which hero can you obtain by recharging for the first time?
    • (A) Freya ✓
    • (B) Kagura
    • (C) Lancelot
    • (D) Odette
  28. Who is Akai’s partner?
    • (A) A frog hermit.
    • (B) Cat Spirit Nana
    • (C) Werewolf Roger ✓
  29. How do you activate Last Hit Attack mode?
    • (A) In Settings – Controls ✓
    • (B) Open it directly in battle
    • (C) In the battle preparation interface.
    • (D) Shout a magic word.
  30. Who is the top assassin of the Church of Light?
    • (A) Hayabusa
    • (B) Lancelot
    • (C) Natalia ✓
    • (D) Saber
  31. How can you tell when a stealthed Natalia is nearby?
    • (A) You can vaguely see the camouflage effect.
    • (B) The grass will move.
    • (C) There will be footprints on the ground.
    • (D) An exclamation mark will appear above your head. ✓
  32. How can AFK players be punished?
    • (A) They’ll lose gold.
    • (B) Their Exp is reduced.
    • (C) They’ll lose Diamonds.
    • (D) Their Credit will go down. ✓
  33. At what rank does Draft Pick Mode come into effect?
    • (A) Master
    • (B) Grandmaster
    • (C) Epic ✓
    • (D) Legend
  34. Which of the following Battle Spells can increase damage output?
    • (A) Aegis
    • (B) Arrival
    • (C) Inspire ✓
    • (D) Iron Wall
  35. What’s the maximum cooldown reduction you can get?
    • (A) 0.2 (20%)
    • (B) 0.3 (30%)
    • (C) 0.4 ✓ (40%)
    • (D) 0.5 (50%)
  36. Which Battle Spells can be upgraded by buying certain equipment?
    • (A) Arrival
    • (B) Execute
    • (C) Iron Wall
    • (D) Retribution ✓
  37. Where do MLBB’s heroes fight?
    • (A) The Land of Darkness
    • (B) The Land of Dawn ✓
    • (C) The Land of Plenty
    • (D) The Land of Storms
  38. Which of the following heroes can summon allies to fight with them?
    • (A) Alpha
    • (B) Sun ✓
    • (C) Vexana
    • (D) Zhask
  39. At what time do daily log-in rewards reset? (Server Time)
    • (A) 0:00
    • (B) 2:00
    • (C) 3:00
    • (D) 5:00 ✓
  40. Which of the following items can you not get from making competition predictions?
    • (A) Exclusive Avatar Border
    • (B) Permanent Heroes
    • (C) Permanent Skins
    • (D) Squad Name Change Card ✓
  41. Which of the following equipment is for physical attack?
  42. If a Mage kills a buff monster, their magic power will be increased, and mana consumption will be reduced.
    • (A) Correct ✓
    • (B) Incorrect
  43. If a Support kills a buff monster, their skill cooldown will be reduced, and mana recovery will be increased.
    • (A) Correct ✓
    • (B) Incorrect
  44. If an Assassin kills a buff monster, their mana and energy consumption will be reduced, and attack penetration will be increased.
    • (A) Correct ✓
    • (B) Incorrect
  45. When facing healer heroes, which equipment should you select?
  46. What can you get from killing a Lord in the game?
    • (A) Nothing.
    • (B) Equipment
    • (C) You can get a buff.
    • (D) You can summon the Lord. ✓
  47. What is Miya’s profession?
    • (A) Game Designer
    • (B) Hunter
    • (C) Junior Detective
    • (D) Moon Temple Worshipper ✓
  48. Where can you find custom chat shortcuts?
    • (A) Achievements
    • (B) Leaderboards
    • (C) Prep ✓
    • (D) Squad
  49. What’s the minimum discount you can get in the Mystery Shop?
    • (A) 0.5
    • (B) 0.6
    • (C) 0.7
    • (D) 0.8 ✓
  50. Which pair of heroes have special effects when playing on the same team?
    • (A) Roger and Ruby
    • (B) Harley and Lesley ✓ (Increases both HP by 10 when battling with Harley)
    • (C) Miya and Estes
    • (D) Zilong and Saber
  51. What should you do when the enemy team outnumbers you and launches an attack?
    • (A) Change into battle!
    • (B) Ignore them, whatever happens, happens.
    • (C) Initiate a surrender vote.
    • (D) Head to the nearest tower and wait for allies, then fight as a team. ✓
  52. What should you not do when at a disadvantage?
    • (A) Clear up lanes
    • (B) Kill single enemy targets.
    • (C) Be low key and farm
    • (D) Initiate team fights. ✓
  53. Which of the following equipment provides cooldown reduction?
  54. Apart from the default order, how else can you sort the info on the in-game battle information battle information interface?
    • (A) By gold earned ✓
    • (B) By Deaths
    • (C) No other sorting options.
    • (D) By attack power.
  55. Which of the following is not available in custom chat shortcuts?
    • (A) Attack
    • (B) Run Away ✓
    • (C) Communicate
    • (D) Defend
  56. At which of the following ranks will players not lose stars when losing ranked games?
    • (A) Warrior ✓
    • (B) Elite
    • (C) Master
    • (D) Legend
  57. You can set your gender in your profile. Regarding gender settings, which of the following is correct?
    • (A) Male
    • (B) Male and Female
    • (C) Male, Female, and Hidden ✓
  58. Which items cannot be bought in the Mystery Shop?
    • (A) Small Horn
    • (B) Double Exp Card
    • (C) Heroes
    • (D) Seasonal Skins ✓
  59. Which hero has the longest attack range at max level?
    • (A) Bruno
    • (B) Karrie
    • (C) Layla ✓
    • (D) Miya
  60. In which of the following ways can you complete a 7-day sign in for a previous day?
    • (A) Go to sleep and get up early.
    • (B) Don’t play the game.
    • (C) Spend Battle Points
    • (D) Starlight Member Privileges ✓
  61. Where does tapping the Guides button take you?
    • (A) Guide Articles
    • (B) Guide Videos
    • (C) Hero Guides
    • (D) Website Homepage ✓
  62. Which of the following rewards cannot be obtained from the Magic Wheel?
    • (A) Permanent Heroes
    • (B) Permanent Skins
    • (C) Magic Crystal
    • (D) Premium Skin Fragment ✓
  63. Who has the most health of all the Tank heroes?
    • (A) Akai (HP 2769)
    • (B) Franco (HP 2709)
    • (C) Hylos ✓ (HP 3309)
    • (D) Minotaur (HP 2759)
  64. Who is Lancelot’s lover?
    • (A) Aurora
    • (B) Natalia
    • (C) Odette ✓
    • (D) All of the Above
  65. Towers receive an additional 50% damage reduction for how long at the start of a game?
    • (A) 1 minute
    • (B) 2 minutes
    • (C) 3 minutes ✓
    • (D) 4 minutes
  66. What can you receive from watching live game broadcasts?
    • (A) Heroes
    • (B) BB Coin ✓
    • (C) Skins
    • (D) Name Change Card
  67. If you need to communicate with your teammates during a game, which of the following is least suitable?
    • (A) Turn on Voice Chat
    • (B) Send Battlefield Signals
    • (C) Send Short Messages in Game Chat
    • (D) Abuse your teammates. ✓
  68. Which of the following live stream gifts is of the highest value?
    • (A) Airplane ✓
    • (B) Jewelry
    • (C) Roadster
    • (D) Yacht
  69. What should you not do when playing as an Assassin?
    • (A) Level up quickly.
    • (B) Roam the enemy’s jungle.
    • (C) Go for enemy heroes at the back.
    • (D) Charge towards the enemy tank. ✓
  70. At which rank can you activate the in-game live streaming function?
    • (A) Elite
    • (B) Master ✓
    • (C) Grandmaster
    • (D) Epic
  71. What Battle Spell should you use when suddenly facing a large number of heroes?
    • (A) Arrival
    • (B) Flicker ✓
    • (C) Healing Spell
    • (D) Retribution
  72. Who likes rainy days the most?
    • (A) Aurora
    • (B) Kagura ✓
    • (C) Lolita
    • (D) Ruby
  73. When playing as a Mage, if your enemy’s regeneration ability is too strong, which equipment should you choose?
    • (A) Lightning Truncheon
    • (B) Necklace of Durance ✓ (Unique Passive – Life Drain: Skill dealing damage to the target reduces the regen effect by 50% for 3s.)
    • (C) Concentrated Energy
    • (D) Deadly Blade
  74. What’s the main purpose of the minimap?
    • (A) It has no use.
    • (B) It looks good.
    • (C) Tap on it when you get bored.
    • (D) To observe enemy and ally positions, and avoid being ganked. ✓
  75. Which of the following information is not displayed when viewing death info?
    • (A) Assist info.
    • (B) Information on who killed you.
    • (C) Teammate information ✓
  76. If you go offline during two consecutive games, will you suffer any serious penalties?
    • (A) TRUE ✓
    • (B) FALSE
  77. In which of the following ways can you not find tournament information?
    • (A) By following the official website’s competition section.
    • (B) Follow our official Facebook page.
    • (C) From the in-game tournament interface.
    • (D) Look at the Guides ✓
  78. When spectating an Arena Contest, which of the following viewing modes allows the system to automatically play the most exciting battle scenes?
    • (A) Director Perspective ✓
    • (B) Locked Perspective
  79. What’s the attack speed limit?
    • (A) 1.5
    • (B) 2
    • (C) 2.4
    • (D) 2.5 ✓
  80. In the Lucky Treasure event, how many rewards need to be excluded before you can start drawing?
    • (A) 1
    • (B) 2
    • (C) 3
    • (D) 4 ✓
  81. Which of the following custom chat shortcuts can be seen by both teams?
    • (A) Enemy missing in action!
    • (B) Thank you
    • (C) Well Played
    • (D) [Everyone] Well Played ✓
  82. What should you do when choosing a line-up?
    • (A) Go AFK
    • (B) Quit the game.
    • (C) Ignore everyone else, just choose.
    • (D) Make a reasonable choice, try to fill empty positions, and communicate with teammates to swap heroes if needed. ✓
  83. Who was the Starlight Member Skin for in October 2017?
    • (A) Dark Draconic Argus
    • (B) Heartbreak Empress Aurora ✓
    • (C) Viscount Alucard
    • (D) Karina’s Black Pearl
  84. To be added later…

Submitted by BananaBananaBanana

  1. Which of the following equipment grants defense? (Submitted by BananaBananaBanana)
    • (A) Magic Shoes
    • (B) Hunter Strike
    • (C) Immortality ✓ (+40 Magic Resistance)
    • (D) Star Shard
  2. In which of the following ways can you get early Starlight Member skins? (Submitted by BananaBananaBanana)
    • (A) Premium Skin Fragment Shop
    • (B) Rare Skin Fragment Shop ✓
    • (C) Magic Wheel
    • (D) Daily Login
  3. If a marksman kills a buff monster, their attack power will be increased, and basic attacks will slow enemies. (Submitted by BananaBananaBanana)
    • (A) Correct ✓
    • (B) Incorrect

Submitted by Neo

  1. What’s the abbreviation for the MLBB Professional League? (Submitted by Neo)
    • (A) MPC
    • (B) MSC
    • (C) MAAC
    • (D) MPL ✓
  2. Which item granted the most physical attack? (Submitted by Neo)
    • (A) Berserker’s Fury (+65 Physical ATK)
    • (B) Haas’s Claws (+70 Physical ATK)
    • (C) Hunter Strike (+100 Physical ATK)
    • (D) Blade of Despair ✓ (+170 Physical ATK)
  3. When you accidentally take a teammate’s buff which chats shortcut should you use? (Submitted by Neo)
    • (A) Attack the Lord
    • (B) Beware of the ambush
    • (C) Well played
    • (D) Sorry ✓
  4. How many diamonds can you get for recharging 5.000 diamonds? (Submitted by Neo)
    • (A) 250
    • (B) 500
    • (C) 750
    • (D) 1.000 ✓
  5. If a fighter kills a buff monster, they’ll receive a cooldown reduction buff and their movement speed will increase after hitting enemies with skills.
    • (A) Correct ✓
    • (B) Incorrect

Submitted by Chocho

  1. Which of these can you not do with your friends in the game? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) Chat
    • (B) Gift Skins
    • (C) Play Together
    • (D) Make Videos ✓
  2. If you think a streamer is playing well during a live broadcast, which of the following is not appropriate? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) Follow the Streamer
    • (B) Give the Streamer a Gift
    • (C) Send Support in the Chat Panel
    • (D) Ask the Streamer for a Gift ✓
  3. When it comes do Daily Quests, which of the following statements is incorrect? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) You need to receive your rewards every day. ✓
    • (B) You can wait for the event to end and receive all of your gifts at once
  4. How many ranks are there in Ranked Mode? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) 5
    • (B) 6
    • (C) 7 ✓
    • (D) 8
  5. Gift received by streamers when broadcasting will be converted into BB coins. Which of the following currencies can BB Coins be converted into? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) Ticket
    • (B) Battle Points
    • (C) Guessing Coins
    • (D) Diamonds ✓
  6. What kind of personality does Alpha have, according to his background story? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) Impartial
    • (B) Warlike
    • (C) Pacifist ✓
  7. How should you deal with Hayabusa’s ultimate skill? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) Stand still
    • (B) Recall to your base
    • (C) Leave your teammates
    • (D) Find teammates, minion, or jungle monsters to share the damage ✓

Submitted by Ahmed

  1. When playing as a Mage, if your enemy’s regeneration ability is too strong, which equipment should you choose? (Submitted by Ahmed)
    • (A) Lightning Truncheon
    • (B) Necklace of Durance ✓ (Unique Passive – Life Drain: Skill dealing damage to the target reduces the regen effect by 50% for 3s.)
    • (C) Concentrated Energy
    • (D) Deadly Blade

Submitted by Master of Heroes

  1. Which of the following hero skills can ignore the knockback effect of Akai’s ultimate? (Submitted by Master of Heroes)
    • (A) Fanny
    • (B) Balmond
    • (C) Layla
    • (D) Diggie ✓

Submitted by Riny Lie

  1. Where can you not watch Arena Contest? (Submitted by Riny Lie)
    • (A) The in-game interface
    • (B) Youtube
    • (C) Official Website
    • (D) e-Books ✓

Submitted by Ploy

  1. Which of the following heroes does not have a Skin-based Avatar Border? (Submitted by Ploy)
    • (A) Miya
    • (B) Eudora
    • (C) Saber
    • (D) Franco ✓

Submitted by Biankugan

  1. Which of the following heroes us best suited to dealing with Cyclops? (Submitted by Biankugan)
    • (A) Alice
    • (B) Lolita ✓
    • (C) Odette
    • (D) Vexana

Jika Anda berminat membantu menambahkan pertanyaan, silahkan kirimkan melalui form comment pada post ini.

Mobile Legends – 1.2.56 Patch Notes (2018/3/6)

Original Post

I. New And Revamped Heroes

  1. [Son of Flames]
    • Valir, 599 Diamonds, 32,000 Battle Points. Launch Week Discount: 30% off!
    • Hero Speciality: An explosive mage who excels in team fights, has strong suppressive capabilities, and can refresh cooldowns.
      • 1st Skill: [Burst Fire] Detonates raging flames, dealing damage to enemies in the specified location and reducing their movement speed.
      • 2nd Skill: [Searing Torrent] Unleashes a torrent of flames forward, knocking enemies back and dealing damage. Targets at the end of the torrent’s range will take an additional damage.
      • Ultimate: [Hellfire] Summons hellfire at a specified location, spewing random flames continuously in the area and knocking enemies up briefly. Each target hit can only be knocked up once.
      • Passive: [Arcane Flame] Condenses arcane flame for a while, after which, your next “Burst Fire” or “Searing Torrent” can be cast without a cooldown.

II. Weekly Free Heroes and New Skins

  1. Weekly Free Heroes
    1. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/3/2 05:01:00 — 2018/3/9 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the home screen to check.)
      • Alucard, Eudora, Rafaela, Alpha, Yi Sun-shin, Johnson, Vexana, Karrie.
      • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Hayabusa, Moskov, Hilda, Gatotkaca, Argus, Odette.
    2. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/3/9 05:01:00 — 2018/3/16 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the home screen to check.)
      • Franco, Rafaela, Layla, Minotaur, Hayabusa, Ruby, Irithel, Grock.
      • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Fanny, Sun, Estes, Karrie, Lapu-Lapu, Harley.
    3. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/3/16 05:01:00 — 2018/3/23 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the home screen to check.)
      • Akai, Bane, Eudora, Gord, Alpha, Estes, Roger, Harley.
      • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Lolita, Chou, Yi Sun-shin, Aurora, Grock, Diggie.
    4. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/3/23 05:01:00 — 2018/3/30 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the home screen to check.)
      • Franco, Clint, Lolita, Sun, Kagura, Hilda, Lapu-Lapu, Irithel.
      • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Argus, Ruby, Cyclops, Vexana, Roger, Hylos.
    5. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/3/30 05:01:00 — 2018/4/6 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the home screen to check.)
      • Karina, Bruno, Eudora, Zilong, Chou, Moskov, Cyclops, Gatotkaca.
      • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Alice, Natalia, Johnson, Aurora, Odette, Lancelot.
  2. New Skins:
    • [Irithel] Skin – [Twilight Assassin], March’s permanent Starlight Exclusive skin!
    • [Valir] Skin – [Pale Flame], 269 Gems.
    • [Valir] and the skin – [Pale Flame] can be purchased in a bundle. Launch Week Discount: 30% off! Available from March 6th (server time) — watch this space!
  3. Magic Wheel:
    • Magic Wheel rewards will also be adjusted: The available heroes will change to [Karrie] and [Diggie]. The available skins will change to [Karrie]’s skin [Bladed Mantis]!

III. Hero Adjustments

  1. [Bane]
    • Deathly Catch: Solved a problem where after buying equipment that provides additional Spell Vamp, hitting targets with skills would not drain HP. Solved a problem where this skill didn’t have designated team colors.
    • Deadly Spit: Reduced mana cost by 10.
    • Shark Bite: Additional Damage increased from 60%-75% to 60%-90%.
  2. [Jawhead]
    • Ejector: This skill can no longer be used to throw Kagura’s umbrella, Hayabusha’s shadows, or Bane’s fish.
  3. [Gussion]
    • Optimized “Sword Spike” and “Shadowblade Slaughter” skill icons.
    • Shadownblade Slaughter: Solved a problem where, when Gussion automatically recalled his daggers when dead, the recall process could not be seen.
  4. [Diggie]
    • Time Bomb: When the time bomb detonates, the damage will trigger Diggie’s equipped item effects.
    • Reverse Time: Fixed a bug where the skill would become invalid if the target used a dash or teleport before it hit them.
  5. [Gatotkaca]
    • Avatar Of Guardian: Optimized the jump animation’s camera shift effect to be smoother.
  6. [Zhask]
    • Fixed a problem where, when Zhask died, his Nightmaric Spawn would deal damage twice when exploding.
    • Nightmaric Spawn: Inherited attack speed coefficient decreased. Initial attack speed increased.
  7. [Rafaela]
    • Light of Retribution: Base damage adjusted from 210 + 40 x Skill Level to 190 + 60 x Skill Level.
  8. [Estes]
    • Moonlight Immersion: Mana consumption adjusted from 80 + Skill Level x 30 to 90 + Skill Level x 20.
  9. [Harley]
    • Deadly Magic: Cooldown time adjusted from 30/25/20 seconds to 32/28/24 seconds.
  10. [Balmond]
    • Initial HP adjusted from 2,796 to 2,716. HP Growth adjusted from 246 to 239.
    • Lethal Counter: Now deals a maximum of 1300/1900/2500 damage to non-hero units.
  11. [Gord]
    • Mystic Gush: Cooldown reduced by 4 seconds at max level.
  12. [Alucard]
    • Fission Wave: The first part of this skill can no longer lock onto minions and towers when used.
  13. [Johnson]
    • Electromag Rays: Damage frequency decreased slightly, base damage adjusted from 60 + 20 x Skill Level to 65 + 15 x Skill Level.
    • HP growth rate adjusted from 270 to 255.
    • Fixed a bug where, after Johnson transformed, abnormal special effects would occasionally be displayed.
  14. [Angela]
    • Fixed a bug where Angela’s ultimate Heartguard would make allies immune to tower damage.
  15. [Helcurt]
    • Fixed an issue where the disappearing time of Deadly Poisoned Stinger projectiles was affected by cooldown reduction.
  16. [Hylos]
    • Fixed an issue where Ring of Punishment could be used when controlled.
  17. Optimized the model of: [Kagura], [Ruby], [Aurora], [Roger], [Karrie]
  18. Optimized the [Grave Guardian] – [Grock] display model.

IV. Battleground Adjustments

  1. Battle Spells:
    • Arrival: Fixed incorrect skill indicator range. Targets can now be selected more easily.
  2. Battlefield:
    • Optimized recommended equipment logic. When an equipment item is shown as a priority recommendation, only this item will be recommended to players.
    • When skills are upgraded on the battlefield, a special skill features label will be shown.
    • In Brawl Mode, Ghost Mage’s initial HP has been reduced by 20% (adjusted from 1,600 to 1,300). Respawn interval adjusted from 30 seconds to 45 seconds. HP recovery value adjusted from 20% of total HP to 25%.

V. New Events and Features

  1. When preparing for battle, players can use the [Custom Skills] function to change the position of their skills.
  2. [Spring Holiday Mode] will open at the end of March! In this mode, you can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere in battle, and can enjoy a wide range of delicious food!
    • Participation Requirements: Level 9 or above. Must download required resources.
    • Participation Method: After the mode is made available, tap the sandbox on the main interface to enter mode selection.

VI. System Adjustments

  1. The rules of the in-game live streaming function have been changed. Banner recommendations will now be issued as MLG member rewards. Currently recommended players will retain their recommendation position for one month. Quickly come and join the MGL! Please check announcements on the official website for more details on the MGL Event.
  2. When level 30 players complete Daily Quests, the experience gained will be converted into Emblem Fragments.
  3. Optimized the textbox animation effects display when purchasing equipment in Brawl Mode.
  4. Added a tap prompt effect to the Tickets and Battle Points icons in the main UI.
  5. Optimized the rationality of the hero select interface’s formation prompt function in Ranked Mode.
  6. Optimized in-game floating text animation effects. Floating text has now been removed.
  7. Skill Description Optimizations: You can now find Skill Growth attributes and Skill Features in the skill description interface.
  8. Optimized the season results animation process.
  9. Optimized end-of-season rank influence: In order to improve the initial ranked season experience for new ranked players, you will now receive 1 star instead of 0 stars in your new season, in order to reduce the frustration felt when starting a new ranked season.
  10. Optimized Classic Mode’s matching algorithm, enabling it to match players more accurately.
  11. Hero Trial Cards and Skin Trial Cards in your backpack will now have differently-colored borders.
  12. When encountering login loading problems, a network detection pop-up box will appear, from which you can choose to check your network status.
  13. Achievement Level Rewards Adjusted: Specific level awards adjusted to Marksman Emblem Fragments.
  14. When a player doesn’t choose a hero, the system will automatically help them to choose their most commonly used hero.
  15. Hero Power will be calculated at the same time as season results calculations.
  16. Classic Mode sand table has been refurbished and optimized.
  17. When max level players use a Double Exp Card, they will receive Ticket compensation.

VII. Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a problem where you couldn’t invite friends after making a custom lobby.
  2. Fixed a Low video mode problem with [Lesley]’s Low mode display.3. Fixed a problem where Fragment Store skins could be gifted.

Mobile Legends – List of AFK Players

If you play with these players below either as a team or opposite team, just report them so they will be deterrent.

List of AFK Players

  1. ilhamjurisq
    • ID: xxxxxxxxx (2107)
    • Level: 30
    • Squad: CWF ComeForWin_
    • Note: AFK when playing as Lesley.
  2. Fandy Tamvan
    • ID: xxxxxxxxx (2039)
    • Level: 30
    • Squad: D15 FKTI D 2K15
    • Note: Messed around by playing as Fanny, intentional feeding the enemy, bluffing that he is top local Fanny, using profanity, and at the end going AFK.

List of Player That Messed Around

  1. Fandy Tamvan
    • ID: xxxxxxxxx (2039)
    • Level: 30
    • Squad: D15 FKTI D 2K15
    • Note: Messed around by playing as Fanny, intentional feeding the enemy, bluffing that he is top local Fanny, using profanity, and at the end going AFK.
  2. xtet paing aung
    • ID: xxxxxxxxx (2527)
    • Level: 30
    • Squad: Not in squad
    • Note: Messing around by playing as Jhonson.
  3. Zxc95
    • ID: xxxxxxxxx (2106)
    • Level: 30
    • Squad: GTS Giants
    • Note: Messing around by playing as Valir.

Prayers for Our Fallen Brother

Man: You should drop subtle hints to your crush. If he’s smart he will know.
Woman: Oh! Ok.
Man: You want to know my crush? 😀
Woman: Yeah!
Man: Read the first word again. ❤️
Woman: Wow! You. Is he Chinese?