Kunci Jawaban MLBB Quiz

Berikut beberapa pertanyaan dan jawaban yang ada di MLBB Quiz event 1 March s/d 15 March 2018.


  1. Perlu diperhatikan bahwa jawaban bisa berada di pilihan yang berbeda. Contoh untuk nomor 1, di beberapa kasus, jawaban “Keep fighting on” bisa berada di pilihan A, B, C maupun D.
  2. Jawaban yang benar adalah yang bercetak tebal dan berwarna hijau.
  3. Informasi yang terdapat dalam situs http://mobilelegendsbangbang.com/items/ tidak 100% update.


  1. What should you do if you’re at a disadvantage in a game?
    • (A) Feed
    • (B) Go AFK
    • (C) Pray an opponent drops out.
    • (D) Keep fighting on. ✓
  2. How often can you get a free Lucky Spin?
    • (A) Every 12 hours.
    • (B) Every 24 hours.
    • (C) Every 48 hours. ✓
    • (D) Every 72 hours.
  3. How do you get Saber’s Codename – Storm Skin?
    • (A) Lucky Spins
    • (B) You can buy it in the shop.
    • (C) You can get it as a log-in gift.
    • (D) You can get it from the Magic Wheel. ✓
  4. Which of the following equipment has the highest magic defense?
  5. How many hero roles are there?
    • (A) 3
    • (B) 4
    • (C) 5
    • (D) 6 ✓ (Marksman, Fighter, Tank, Support, Mage, Assasin)
  6. Which of the following heroes cannot restore health to allies?
    • (A) Diggie ✓
    • (B) Estes
    • (C) Minotaur
    • (D) Rafaela
  7. If you lose a game by not playing carefully enough, what should you do?
    • (A) Throw your phone.
    • (B) Abuse your teammates.
    • (C) Forget about it and play recklessly in the next game, too.
    • (D) Summarize the experience and analyze the reason. ✓
  8. Which of the following heroes does not have a displacement skill?
    • (A) Karrie
    • (B) Layla ✓
    • (C) Moskov
    • (D) Yi Sun-shin
  9. On which day of the week do weekly free heroes reset?
    • (A) Friday ✓
    • (B) Saturday
    • (C) Sunday
    • (D) Monday
  10. What’s the minimum number of heroes you need to play Ranked Mode?
    • (A) 4
    • (B) 5 ✓
    • (C) 6
    • (D) 7
  11. You need to have at least how many heroes to compete in ranked games?
    • (A) 3
    • (B) 4
    • (C) 5 ✓
    • (D) 6
  12. What is Nana’s true identity?
    • (A) Mother of Dragons
    • (B) A human girl.
    • (C) A catlike raccoon.
    • (D) A raccoon spirit. ✓
  13. What should you do if you find yourself losing game after game?
    • (A) Cry, weep, and sob.
    • (B) Jump up and dance, and pray for victory!
    • (C) Go to Facebook and complain about your teammates.
    • (D) Watch live broadcasts of professional players and learn new techniques. ✓
  14. Which of the following is not a benefit of spectating Arena Contests?
    • (A) Learn skills from the contestants.
    • (B) Receive Arena Chests.
    • (C) Increase your height. ✓
  15. Which of the following websites is the official website of the game?
    • (A) www.mobile.com/
    • (B) www.legends.com/
    • (C) www.bangbang.com/
    • (D) www.mobilelegends.com/ ✓
  16. Which of the following equipment is for spell power?
  17. Which of the following methods can’t be used to acquire heroes in the game?
    • (A) Battle Points
    • (B) Diamonds
    • (C) Skin Fragments ✓
    • (D) Ticket
  18. What’s the maximum number of players a Squad can hold?
    • (A) 7 Players
    • (B) 8 Players
    • (C) 9 Players ✓
    • (D) 10 Players
  19. How should you deal with Argus’s ultimate skill?
    • (A) Do nothing.
    • (B) Keep fighting him.
    • (C) Recall to your base.
    • (D) Move away from him, wait for his ultimate to end, and then attack him. ✓
  20. What should you do if a teammate makes a mistake in the game?
    • (A) Call the police.
    • (B) Ask them why they suck.
    • (C) Encourage your teammates to compete seriously. ✓
  21. At what level can you start playing ranked games?
    • (A) Level 7
    • (B) Level 8 ✓ (You should have 5 heroes as well.)
    • (C) Level 9
    • (D) Level 10
  22. At what level can you gift skins to friends?
    • (A) Level 15
    • (B) Level 20 ✓
    • (C) Level 25
    • (D) Level 30
  23. Where did Harley, the excellent young mage apprentice, graduate from?
    • (A) Clarendon Academy
    • (B) Gryffindor
    • (C) Hogwarts
    • (D) Lion Academy of Magical City ✓
  24. When the enemy team has more control heroes than your team, which hero should you use?
    • (A) Diggie ✓
    • (B) Estes
    • (C) Lolita
    • (D) Rafaela
  25. If you want to learn about a new hero, which of the following is not recommended?
    • (A) Watch Live Streams of the Hero
    • (B) Practice in AI Training Mode
    • (C) Read the Hero’s Strategy Guide
    • (D) Use the Hero in Ranked Games ✓
  26. How should you deal with AFK teammates?
    • (A) Go AFK with them.
    • (B) Insult them.
    • (C) Delete the game.
    • (D) Report them on the post-game screen. ✓
  27. Which hero can you obtain by recharging for the first time?
    • (A) Freya ✓
    • (B) Kagura
    • (C) Lancelot
    • (D) Odette
  28. Who is Akai’s partner?
    • (A) A frog hermit.
    • (B) Cat Spirit Nana
    • (C) Werewolf Roger ✓
  29. How do you activate Last Hit Attack mode?
    • (A) In Settings – Controls ✓
    • (B) Open it directly in battle
    • (C) In the battle preparation interface.
    • (D) Shout a magic word.
  30. Who is the top assassin of the Church of Light?
    • (A) Hayabusa
    • (B) Lancelot
    • (C) Natalia ✓
    • (D) Saber
  31. How can you tell when a stealthed Natalia is nearby?
    • (A) You can vaguely see the camouflage effect.
    • (B) The grass will move.
    • (C) There will be footprints on the ground.
    • (D) An exclamation mark will appear above your head. ✓
  32. How can AFK players be punished?
    • (A) They’ll lose gold.
    • (B) Their Exp is reduced.
    • (C) They’ll lose Diamonds.
    • (D) Their Credit will go down. ✓
  33. At what rank does Draft Pick Mode come into effect?
    • (A) Master
    • (B) Grandmaster
    • (C) Epic ✓
    • (D) Legend
  34. Which of the following Battle Spells can increase damage output?
    • (A) Aegis
    • (B) Arrival
    • (C) Inspire ✓
    • (D) Iron Wall
  35. What’s the maximum cooldown reduction you can get?
    • (A) 0.2 (20%)
    • (B) 0.3 (30%)
    • (C) 0.4 ✓ (40%)
    • (D) 0.5 (50%)
  36. Which Battle Spells can be upgraded by buying certain equipment?
    • (A) Arrival
    • (B) Execute
    • (C) Iron Wall
    • (D) Retribution ✓
  37. Where do MLBB’s heroes fight?
    • (A) The Land of Darkness
    • (B) The Land of Dawn ✓
    • (C) The Land of Plenty
    • (D) The Land of Storms
  38. Which of the following heroes can summon allies to fight with them?
    • (A) Alpha
    • (B) Sun ✓
    • (C) Vexana
    • (D) Zhask
  39. At what time do daily log-in rewards reset? (Server Time)
    • (A) 0:00
    • (B) 2:00
    • (C) 3:00
    • (D) 5:00 ✓
  40. Which of the following items can you not get from making competition predictions?
    • (A) Exclusive Avatar Border
    • (B) Permanent Heroes
    • (C) Permanent Skins
    • (D) Squad Name Change Card ✓
  41. Which of the following equipment is for physical attack?
  42. If a Mage kills a buff monster, their magic power will be increased, and mana consumption will be reduced.
    • (A) Correct ✓
    • (B) Incorrect
  43. If a Support kills a buff monster, their skill cooldown will be reduced, and mana recovery will be increased.
    • (A) Correct ✓
    • (B) Incorrect
  44. If an Assassin kills a buff monster, their mana and energy consumption will be reduced, and attack penetration will be increased.
    • (A) Correct ✓
    • (B) Incorrect
  45. When facing healer heroes, which equipment should you select?
  46. What can you get from killing a Lord in the game?
    • (A) Nothing.
    • (B) Equipment
    • (C) You can get a buff.
    • (D) You can summon the Lord. ✓
  47. What is Miya’s profession?
    • (A) Game Designer
    • (B) Hunter
    • (C) Junior Detective
    • (D) Moon Temple Worshipper ✓
  48. Where can you find custom chat shortcuts?
    • (A) Achievements
    • (B) Leaderboards
    • (C) Prep ✓
    • (D) Squad
  49. What’s the minimum discount you can get in the Mystery Shop?
    • (A) 0.5
    • (B) 0.6
    • (C) 0.7
    • (D) 0.8 ✓
  50. Which pair of heroes have special effects when playing on the same team?
    • (A) Roger and Ruby
    • (B) Harley and Lesley ✓ (Increases both HP by 10 when battling with Harley)
    • (C) Miya and Estes
    • (D) Zilong and Saber
  51. What should you do when the enemy team outnumbers you and launches an attack?
    • (A) Change into battle!
    • (B) Ignore them, whatever happens, happens.
    • (C) Initiate a surrender vote.
    • (D) Head to the nearest tower and wait for allies, then fight as a team. ✓
  52. What should you not do when at a disadvantage?
    • (A) Clear up lanes
    • (B) Kill single enemy targets.
    • (C) Be low key and farm
    • (D) Initiate team fights. ✓
  53. Which of the following equipment provides cooldown reduction?
  54. Apart from the default order, how else can you sort the info on the in-game battle information battle information interface?
    • (A) By gold earned ✓
    • (B) By Deaths
    • (C) No other sorting options.
    • (D) By attack power.
  55. Which of the following is not available in custom chat shortcuts?
    • (A) Attack
    • (B) Run Away ✓
    • (C) Communicate
    • (D) Defend
  56. At which of the following ranks will players not lose stars when losing ranked games?
    • (A) Warrior ✓
    • (B) Elite
    • (C) Master
    • (D) Legend
  57. You can set your gender in your profile. Regarding gender settings, which of the following is correct?
    • (A) Male
    • (B) Male and Female
    • (C) Male, Female, and Hidden ✓
  58. Which items cannot be bought in the Mystery Shop?
    • (A) Small Horn
    • (B) Double Exp Card
    • (C) Heroes
    • (D) Seasonal Skins ✓
  59. Which hero has the longest attack range at max level?
    • (A) Bruno
    • (B) Karrie
    • (C) Layla ✓
    • (D) Miya
  60. In which of the following ways can you complete a 7-day sign in for a previous day?
    • (A) Go to sleep and get up early.
    • (B) Don’t play the game.
    • (C) Spend Battle Points
    • (D) Starlight Member Privileges ✓
  61. Where does tapping the Guides button take you?
    • (A) Guide Articles
    • (B) Guide Videos
    • (C) Hero Guides
    • (D) Website Homepage ✓
  62. Which of the following rewards cannot be obtained from the Magic Wheel?
    • (A) Permanent Heroes
    • (B) Permanent Skins
    • (C) Magic Crystal
    • (D) Premium Skin Fragment ✓
  63. Who has the most health of all the Tank heroes?
    • (A) Akai (HP 2769)
    • (B) Franco (HP 2709)
    • (C) Hylos ✓ (HP 3309)
    • (D) Minotaur (HP 2759)
  64. Who is Lancelot’s lover?
    • (A) Aurora
    • (B) Natalia
    • (C) Odette ✓
    • (D) All of the Above
  65. Towers receive an additional 50% damage reduction for how long at the start of a game?
    • (A) 1 minute
    • (B) 2 minutes
    • (C) 3 minutes ✓
    • (D) 4 minutes
  66. What can you receive from watching live game broadcasts?
    • (A) Heroes
    • (B) BB Coin ✓
    • (C) Skins
    • (D) Name Change Card
  67. If you need to communicate with your teammates during a game, which of the following is least suitable?
    • (A) Turn on Voice Chat
    • (B) Send Battlefield Signals
    • (C) Send Short Messages in Game Chat
    • (D) Abuse your teammates. ✓
  68. Which of the following live stream gifts is of the highest value?
    • (A) Airplane ✓
    • (B) Jewelry
    • (C) Roadster
    • (D) Yacht
  69. What should you not do when playing as an Assassin?
    • (A) Level up quickly.
    • (B) Roam the enemy’s jungle.
    • (C) Go for enemy heroes at the back.
    • (D) Charge towards the enemy tank. ✓
  70. At which rank can you activate the in-game live streaming function?
    • (A) Elite
    • (B) Master ✓
    • (C) Grandmaster
    • (D) Epic
  71. What Battle Spell should you use when suddenly facing a large number of heroes?
    • (A) Arrival
    • (B) Flicker ✓
    • (C) Healing Spell
    • (D) Retribution
  72. Who likes rainy days the most?
    • (A) Aurora
    • (B) Kagura ✓
    • (C) Lolita
    • (D) Ruby
  73. When playing as a Mage, if your enemy’s regeneration ability is too strong, which equipment should you choose?
    • (A) Lightning Truncheon
    • (B) Necklace of Durance ✓ (Unique Passive – Life Drain: Skill dealing damage to the target reduces the regen effect by 50% for 3s.)
    • (C) Concentrated Energy
    • (D) Deadly Blade
  74. What’s the main purpose of the minimap?
    • (A) It has no use.
    • (B) It looks good.
    • (C) Tap on it when you get bored.
    • (D) To observe enemy and ally positions, and avoid being ganked. ✓
  75. Which of the following information is not displayed when viewing death info?
    • (A) Assist info.
    • (B) Information on who killed you.
    • (C) Teammate information ✓
  76. If you go offline during two consecutive games, will you suffer any serious penalties?
    • (A) TRUE ✓
    • (B) FALSE
  77. In which of the following ways can you not find tournament information?
    • (A) By following the official website’s competition section.
    • (B) Follow our official Facebook page.
    • (C) From the in-game tournament interface.
    • (D) Look at the Guides ✓
  78. When spectating an Arena Contest, which of the following viewing modes allows the system to automatically play the most exciting battle scenes?
    • (A) Director Perspective ✓
    • (B) Locked Perspective
  79. What’s the attack speed limit?
    • (A) 1.5
    • (B) 2
    • (C) 2.4
    • (D) 2.5 ✓
  80. In the Lucky Treasure event, how many rewards need to be excluded before you can start drawing?
    • (A) 1
    • (B) 2
    • (C) 3
    • (D) 4 ✓
  81. Which of the following custom chat shortcuts can be seen by both teams?
    • (A) Enemy missing in action!
    • (B) Thank you
    • (C) Well Played
    • (D) [Everyone] Well Played ✓
  82. What should you do when choosing a line-up?
    • (A) Go AFK
    • (B) Quit the game.
    • (C) Ignore everyone else, just choose.
    • (D) Make a reasonable choice, try to fill empty positions, and communicate with teammates to swap heroes if needed. ✓
  83. Who was the Starlight Member Skin for in October 2017?
    • (A) Dark Draconic Argus
    • (B) Heartbreak Empress Aurora ✓
    • (C) Viscount Alucard
    • (D) Karina’s Black Pearl
  84. To be added later…

Submitted by BananaBananaBanana

  1. Which of the following equipment grants defense? (Submitted by BananaBananaBanana)
    • (A) Magic Shoes
    • (B) Hunter Strike
    • (C) Immortality ✓ (+40 Magic Resistance)
    • (D) Star Shard
  2. In which of the following ways can you get early Starlight Member skins? (Submitted by BananaBananaBanana)
    • (A) Premium Skin Fragment Shop
    • (B) Rare Skin Fragment Shop ✓
    • (C) Magic Wheel
    • (D) Daily Login
  3. If a marksman kills a buff monster, their attack power will be increased, and basic attacks will slow enemies. (Submitted by BananaBananaBanana)
    • (A) Correct ✓
    • (B) Incorrect

Submitted by Neo

  1. What’s the abbreviation for the MLBB Professional League? (Submitted by Neo)
    • (A) MPC
    • (B) MSC
    • (C) MAAC
    • (D) MPL ✓
  2. Which item granted the most physical attack? (Submitted by Neo)
    • (A) Berserker’s Fury (+65 Physical ATK)
    • (B) Haas’s Claws (+70 Physical ATK)
    • (C) Hunter Strike (+100 Physical ATK)
    • (D) Blade of Despair ✓ (+170 Physical ATK)
  3. When you accidentally take a teammate’s buff which chats shortcut should you use? (Submitted by Neo)
    • (A) Attack the Lord
    • (B) Beware of the ambush
    • (C) Well played
    • (D) Sorry ✓
  4. How many diamonds can you get for recharging 5.000 diamonds? (Submitted by Neo)
    • (A) 250
    • (B) 500
    • (C) 750
    • (D) 1.000 ✓
  5. If a fighter kills a buff monster, they’ll receive a cooldown reduction buff and their movement speed will increase after hitting enemies with skills.
    • (A) Correct ✓
    • (B) Incorrect

Submitted by Chocho

  1. Which of these can you not do with your friends in the game? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) Chat
    • (B) Gift Skins
    • (C) Play Together
    • (D) Make Videos ✓
  2. If you think a streamer is playing well during a live broadcast, which of the following is not appropriate? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) Follow the Streamer
    • (B) Give the Streamer a Gift
    • (C) Send Support in the Chat Panel
    • (D) Ask the Streamer for a Gift ✓
  3. When it comes do Daily Quests, which of the following statements is incorrect? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) You need to receive your rewards every day. ✓
    • (B) You can wait for the event to end and receive all of your gifts at once
  4. How many ranks are there in Ranked Mode? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) 5
    • (B) 6
    • (C) 7 ✓
    • (D) 8
  5. Gift received by streamers when broadcasting will be converted into BB coins. Which of the following currencies can BB Coins be converted into? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) Ticket
    • (B) Battle Points
    • (C) Guessing Coins
    • (D) Diamonds ✓
  6. What kind of personality does Alpha have, according to his background story? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) Impartial
    • (B) Warlike
    • (C) Pacifist ✓
  7. How should you deal with Hayabusa’s ultimate skill? (Submitted by Chocho)
    • (A) Stand still
    • (B) Recall to your base
    • (C) Leave your teammates
    • (D) Find teammates, minion, or jungle monsters to share the damage ✓

Submitted by Ahmed

  1. When playing as a Mage, if your enemy’s regeneration ability is too strong, which equipment should you choose? (Submitted by Ahmed)
    • (A) Lightning Truncheon
    • (B) Necklace of Durance ✓ (Unique Passive – Life Drain: Skill dealing damage to the target reduces the regen effect by 50% for 3s.)
    • (C) Concentrated Energy
    • (D) Deadly Blade

Submitted by Master of Heroes

  1. Which of the following hero skills can ignore the knockback effect of Akai’s ultimate? (Submitted by Master of Heroes)
    • (A) Fanny
    • (B) Balmond
    • (C) Layla
    • (D) Diggie ✓

Submitted by Riny Lie

  1. Where can you not watch Arena Contest? (Submitted by Riny Lie)
    • (A) The in-game interface
    • (B) Youtube
    • (C) Official Website
    • (D) e-Books ✓

Submitted by Ploy

  1. Which of the following heroes does not have a Skin-based Avatar Border? (Submitted by Ploy)
    • (A) Miya
    • (B) Eudora
    • (C) Saber
    • (D) Franco ✓

Submitted by Biankugan

  1. Which of the following heroes us best suited to dealing with Cyclops? (Submitted by Biankugan)
    • (A) Alice
    • (B) Lolita ✓
    • (C) Odette
    • (D) Vexana

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