Karyasarma Open XXII

This tournament has ended. Check new tournament here.

Clash Royale Tournament
Name : Karyasarma Open XXII
Tag : #P2CYR89
Capacity : 50
Length : 1h
Preparation : 2h
Held On : December 1, 2016 19:00 PM UTC+7

1. Please share this site link instead of the password to your friend.
2. Please support us by search us on Google using keyword “karyasarma”.
3. This password below will change frequently. Refresh this page to get the new password.

Password: karya1decsarma


Tournament Winner

  1. Nishant
    • Tag: #2CRLULQ0
    • Clan: Jai Hind
    • Clan Tag: #L9QRV2
  2. MADman3690
    • Tag: #9JU8GJ20
    • Clan: Adult Jokers
    • Clan Tag: #PJ80R0
    • Tag: #89VGJUL
    • Clan: Dragon infernus
    • Clan Tag: #22UJ98J9

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