Karyasarma Open XX

This tournament has ended. Check new tournament here.

Clash Royale Tournament
Name : Karyasarma Open XX
Tag : #9YLQ0CG
Capacity : 50
Length : 1h
Preparation : 2h
Held On : November 24, 2016 19:55 PM UTC+7

1. Please share this site link instead of the password to your friend.
2. Please support us by search us on Google using keyword “karyasarma”.
3. This password below will change frequently. Refresh this page to get the new password.

Password: karya24novsarma


Tournament Winner

  1. David
    • Tag: #2JJ0JQVJ
    • Clan: Beg4Mercy
    • Clan Tag: #2QC0Y8Y
  2. acyuta
    • Tag: #VRC08UP
    • Clan: NGAWI GLORY
    • Clan Tag: #8Q900P0
  3. Anshad
    • Tag: #QCUQUCYU
    • Clan: kerala
    • Clan Tag: #200YRLV

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5 thoughts on “Karyasarma Open XX”

  1. Just joined the open tournament from the very latest one, the XIX, I finished 4th there (acount name: marche), choked at last battles. Even thou it’s the cheapest tourney, it’s still very enjoyable since it’s basically “open”. Your blog is also has great contents! Keep it up!

    PS: Are you from Indonesia?

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Fiqih Fandrian. Your appreciation means a lot to me. And yes, I am from Indonesia. By the way, there is no original content in this site. 😀

      P.S. Your senior from ITB sent me this riddle a long time ago. Please take a look at it.

      1. Your welcome! No prob, as long as you respect the original poster.

        Not a complicated one I think 🙂

        Interested to build a clan together? I can join your clan if you want. Then we will rebuild the clan system. Having regular tourney should be enough for good players to join the clan.

        1. I am sorry Fiqih Fandrian, I am not interested in building a clan. I only make these tournaments to promote my site. Thank you for your idea for building a clan together, but if you want you can join my clan although it is not that active.

  2. WHAT A TOURNEY!! Leading until the last 15 minutes and then chocked again lol. David is a good golem player but with a little bit BMer :)) I thought acyuta will win the tourney from that final game! Just 1 trophy deficit! ONE! Interesting classic trifecta deck by acyuta. Definitely one of the best tourney I have experienced. Looking foward for the next one!

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